Sunshine and Serendipity in Pondicherry

Pootle list #28: 1 of 50 roadtrips in India

Last weekend, SG and I road-pootled to Pondicherry to meet a couple friend. Our friends have holed up in a quaint and charming French-mansion-turned-hotel-complete-with-four-poster-beds and are spending the month meditating, practicing yoga and contemplating by the ocean. I meteor-crashed their peaceful existence with my insistence on indulging in retail therapy and conducting ‘market research’ on brownies, salads featuring roasted apples, and beer. The sauna-like-weather notwithstanding, I racked up several serendipitous experiences in the space of a day.

While others ran on the beach, my Sunday morning in Pondicherry
While others ran on the beach, my Sunday morning in Pondicherry

Serendipity Moment #1: Visiting a hand-made paper production unit and buying reams and reams of paper – as amazed as and infinitely more pleased than Alice in Wonderland.

Serendipity Moment #2: Stumbling across a second hand bookshop and sensing that the books were waiting for me quietly and patiently.

  • Maeve Binchy’s Scarlet Feather: Ever since I visited Ireland, I cannot stop reading her books. This one features a catering business, Dublin, and pages of finger food (I may have imagined some of the last).
  • Ursula Hegi’s Stones from the River: Long before being introduced to Tyrion Lannister, I met Trudi Montag in my school library as a child. We parted ways, and I have been hunting for her on-line and in bookshops. There she was.
  • Paul Reiser’s Babyhood: I borrowed Couplehood from a library, years ago, and found it extremely funny and insightful. I found a copy of Couplehood, just recently, in a second hand bookstore. Been searching for Babyhood ever since.
  • Rebecce Tyrrel’s Days Like These: Possibly one of the funniest books I have read. I did have a copy which, much to my chagrin, I seem to have misplaced. Super-excited about reading it again.

Serendipity Moment #3: Being introduced to Sketch-noting. The friends we visited have been living overseas for several years, and she has picked up sketch-noting along the way as a way to depict her travel observations. She is super talented and I am keen to see how she shares her art with the world. Meanwhile, here’s another art form for me to experiment with and learn more about.

Patiently waiting for their new owner-friend
Patiently waiting for their new friend

All aglow and very happy.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Serendipity in Pondicherry

    1. I borrowed the first one from my lending library, that’s when Avantika told me about our shared love. Since then have been binge reading her books downloaded from TUEBL. Till I bought this one. Thanks a ton for the offer! You are in Jampot? I will come visit, promise. Jam is also home for me.


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