Learning from Olaf

Pootle List #6: Learn how to crochet and make Amigurumi animals

I am over the moon thrilled on finally finishing my first amigurumi project; Olaf crocheted specially for my niece for her sixth birthday.

The learnings:

  • Crocheting is bloody difficult. I have new found respect for people who can knit, sew and crochet. Really, you guys rock. You make Nirvana look like amateurs
  • There shall be nirvana (not the rock group) paradigm-changing moments during the learning process. Also known as how-could-I-be-stupid-to-not-understand-such-a-simple-thing-earlier-but-at-the-same-time-I-am-a-genius-to-get-it-now-I-am-so-happy-and-proud
  • Learning a new skill is like a yoga class. You torture newly discovered muscles, nearly give up and pass out in the middle, but feel all smug and enlightened in the end
  • You shall inadvertently misplace the yarn needle and then worry about the butt inadvertently and painfully finding it



Go right ahead; let me know what you want for your birthday.

PS. I used the pattern provided by the lovely Colleen Hays at YarnWars.com. Here is the link:



6 thoughts on “Learning from Olaf

  1. I just wanted to let you know I stumbled on your post and I LOVE how your Olaf turned out.. 2 cute 4 words! =) Thanks for giving my pattern a go… Btw, you’re adorable and your blog is awesome! =D


    1. Thanks Colleen. I now look back at my Olaf fondly, he was my first Amigurumi attempt. I notice all the mistakes but I also see how brave I was. Could not have done it without your pattern and video! Thanks so much!


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