Spicy Mushrooms and some other Good Stuff

I have two big confessions.

  1. I READ a lot about healthy eating and fitness. I DO very little about either.
  2. I don’t know how to cook mushrooms.

I recently discovered that mushrooms are very healthy; we are talking cancer-diabetes-preventing, immunity boosting miracles. So it came to pass that when last at the local green grocers (buying strawberries and pomegranate – another set of ingredients I don’t know how to use, but that are very GOOD for you!) a tray of button mushrooms found their way into my shopping bag.

Spicy Mushroom Buns

I was so determined to learn.

Beaming with pride and good intentions, I put them away in the refrigerator.

And promptly forgot of their very existence.

Till I realized, yesterday, courtesy yet another read in the by-lanes of the world wide web, that mushrooms are best used within three days.

Time for another confession: When fruit and vegetable shopping, an activity which I am woefully bad at, I often end up picking stuff which I feel a tad sorry for;  that oddly shaped potato, the tomato which feels just a wee bit soft, that bell pepper just starting to get wrinkly. Some people rescue stray animals and nurse them back to health. I rescue fruits and vegetables which no one else would buy. Often times, they then die in my fridge, but at least someone cared for them and wanted them underdogs *sniffs loudly*

Not wanting my mushrooms to perish, I considered mushroom soup for dinner, with some fresh dinner rolls. But then I wanted to stuff the rolls with an interesting filling. Somewhere along the way, spicy mushroom buns were decided on, and the soup ditched.

Alas! As he is wont to do, Murphy took over the kitchen. I framed a new set of baking laws based on yesterday’s experience:

  • While mixing the dough, you shall first add too much water and then too much flour, and then too much water, and then too much flour; you shall repeat the cycle ad naseum till it is long after dinner time
  • When making the mushroom stuffing, you will not be happy with the spice combination, and keep experimenting till you get it right, even if it a) leaves your spice box looking like a mini hurricane tore through it b) leaves you decorated with tomato spatter and bits of mushroom c) takes you another hour or so
  • You shall pause, every once in a while, and wonder if mushroom breathe through their gills. If not, how do they breathe? If not, why do they have those gills? Why are they called gills?

We had the warmed up buns for breakfast today. And they were very very good.

I made a dozen changes to the recipe, replacing half the AP flour with whole wheat, reducing the sugar and jazzing up the filling beyond recognition. No harm done, from what I could tell.

PS: In case you were wondering as to the fate of the strawberries and pomegranate

  1. They accompanied an apple and some walnuts to result in a wonderful salad
  2. The remaining strawberry was blended with a banana, a few almonds and dates, for a milk based smoothie
  3. The left over pomegranate is still quietly breathing in the fridge.

I can hear it.


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