Baking a sunshine cake

Many of you would already be familiar with Simran of the Ovenderful fame. A healthy baker, her food philosophy is to create healthy, often vegan, delights. Not only does she run a retail venture, but she also has encouraged hundreds of mom bakers who share her philosophy, to collaborate, to engage with each other, to trade recipes and to bake for friends and family. On any given day, the FB group Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, is flooded with pictures, recipes, and comments of mums baking with whole grains – everything from amaranth to millet – incorporating fresh fruits and nuts into their bakes and experimenting with alternate sweeteners.

Simran has encouraged me to bake and to blog in several ways. Her invite to guest blog is set the ball rolling for me several years ago. I owe her big, inspiration being only one of the reasons.

Paper bags for the Bake a Sunshine event

So when the mum bakers united to run the Bake a Sunshine Cake event, I had to pitch in. The event is a crowd-sourced baking initiative, where women around the world are whipping up healthy bakes to share in their community. In Bangalore, where I am based, the mums are coming together to spend time with senior citizens at Cheshire Home on 12th December, and with the children of Vishwas on the 19th. To give you a sneak preview of the menu: think whole wheat choco chip cookies, sweet muffins, caramelized onion bread and other delicious sweet and savory fare.

Accordion pleating like a boss

I traded in my chef’s hat for some glue and colored paper to create the packaging for the Bangalore event. Aiming to recycle, I used old newspaper, bits of calendars (it is the end of the year!), and left over material from other craft projects. Surprisingly, the newspaper bags are quite sturdy, and I am now a self proclaimed bag making expert. The pinwheels were sheer joy to create and I had to physically restrain myself from accordion pleating every piece of paper I came across. The bags and pinwheels shall go to the senior folks; watch this space for the children’s goodie bags.

Learn how to make paper bags here:

Learn how to make pin wheels here:

Pinwheels in Progress

How can you spread some sunshine: Bake healthy goods and share them in your community. Involve your friends and family, or do it individually. You can use the hashtag ‪#‎bakeasunshinecake on social media to tell your story. Join the Ovenderful Community if you need ideas on what to bake and how to share.

Come on, it’s Christmas around the corner! It’s time for some cookies, ginger bread and plum cake. Hang up the stockings, put the oven on and get ready to share the joy with the world.



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