Erich Fromm on Crocheting

“Well-being I would describe as the ability to be creative, to be aware, and to respond; to be independent and fully active, and by this very fact to be one with the world. To be concerned with being, not with having; to experience joy in the very act of living–and to consider living creatively as the only meaning of life” Erich Fromm

I am 99.999 % sure that dear Erich wasn’t exactly thinking of crocheting when he wrote the above.  I insist though, that crocheting is but one example of living creatively. The seemingly monotonous task of putting hook to yarn gives me unparalleled joy. While the end product matters tremendously, the journey is “an act of living” and sheer delight.

This little fellow was a present for my brother’s wife. Let’s just say I could not have wished for a better home for him.

Baby Mouse – Pattern from Little Muggles

I hope you have ample opportunities to be creative, to express joy, to live life. A big virtual hug from baby mouse and me.

Pattern link:




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