Baking a Sunshine Cake Part 2

(Non-existent) avid readers will recall the newspaper bags and pinwheels made for the ladies at the Cheshire Home for the Bake a Sunshine Cake initiative. In continuation, last week, the mom bakers visited Vishwas Home duly armed with enough healthy baked goods to feed baby elephants. I was unable to make it to the actual event, but it seems they had a whale of a time and shared a whole of Christmas cheer. Way to go, moms!


I, meanwhile, grew obsessed with bags. The number of children being much higher than the dear old toothless grannies, the quantities of goody bags required were much larger. And hence it came to pass that I spent every waking minute over a week (when I was not baking or walking) folding, gluing and punching holes.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT deploy giant sized needles, in the middle of the night, while absently watching the telly. There shall be blood. And crater sized holes in the palm of the hand.

I was mostly good with the recycling resolution. A kind neighbor lent me the material to make the bag handles and fed me cookies and tea in the bargain. The newspaper pile has been quite depleted, and a lot of left over material from previous projects used up. I did have to stock up on paper for the puppets though.


Some snippets of resultant conversations:

Mom in law’s friend who came for tea, and stayed to watch the entertainment, in a very interested voice, “Are those children color blind then? ORANGE dogs!?”

Hapless husband, “Why do you look guilty as sin? You really should not be allowed unsupervised into a craft store. If you are making brown dogs and green frogs, what is 2 meters of pink patterned and sparkly paper doing in our living room?”

When the stationery shop was out of grey paper, random fellow shopper, on being asked for advice, suppressing a giggle, “That does not mean you can make blue elephants.”

A harried and wild eyed me to the shopkeeper who I visited for some emergency supplies, “Gentle stranger! I can’t find grey paper anywhere and I have to make these paper puppet elephants and I have pink for the ears but none for the body and I am not being allowed to make blue elephants and I am being accused of being color blind and I have to make all the elephants by tomorrow but the frogs are nearly done if I only finish cutting out the eyes they are very pretty you should see them sorry I am not carrying any samples and where will I find the dratted grey paper and can’t I make some with blue-grey paper instead and the dogs are quite okay but the bags took forever and see I have all these bloody holes in the palm and will you please stop shrugging your shoulders and be more interested in solving my paper crisis!!”

The paper puppets are a hoot to make. Especially if you (or people around you) are not too fussed about accurate colors.

Let me know if you make them?

Lots of love,

The Bag Lady


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