Ben the Amigurumi Teddy (and his 1.5 friends)

A short post to introduce you guys to these two really adorable teddy bears. I recently met up with family and friends in Delhi, on a work visit, and had grand plans to crochet dozens of these as tiny gifts. I wonder what I was smoking.


After a couple of marathon crocheting sessions, these little bears plus half a koala came into being. My personal favorite is the cream and blue bear (who in my head I call Ben). So Ben is truly the first Amigurumi animal that I have crocheted that I fell in love with. While Pink Squinty was getting done, Ben gave me some great company and sat by silently approving of all crocheting proceedings. His absolute tininess brings out the best in me, and I was very tempted to just keep him. I might do up another one, this time to keep, my first Amigurumi gift for myself.

I bought the pattern from

I did a few things differently, narrowing the head down to 9 stitches instead of closing it completely, so that I could sew it onto the body more neatly.

Meanwhile, here is wishing Ben and Pink Squinty a great future. May you fellas always be loved.

Now where did I put my crochet hook, gotta finish the koala before I end up losing his puny arms.


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