A not so funny giraffe

A giraffe whose head was so big

It kept dancing an independent jig

He struck a pose

Fell flat on his nose

“Darn it”, he said “I don’t give a fig”


I crocheted this for my niece – a creative storyteller, budding gymnast – to celebrate her fourth birthday. Due to gross incompetence, a terrible pattern (do not spend good money on http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/funny-giraffe), and the small matter of helping throw a party for her twenty odd friends and their parents, got in the way.

I wept tears trying to get its head stay up. Not having the recommended wires, I tried pushing in a couple of pipe cleaners into its neck. Did not work. I inserted a couple more. It flopped over listlessly. I inserted a couple more. The head lolled forward. I wriggled in a couple more. Did not do the trick. I tried again and yet again.

In the end, a bamboo skewer, firmly jammed in, did the job. So we have not so funny giraffe kebabs.




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