Chicken Little Gets Her Just Desserts

My earliest memory of childhood tales, is of Chicken Little. An acorn falls on poor Chicken Little’s head which convinces her that the sky is falling. She runs around informing Henny Penny, Turkey Lurkey and their ilk who believing her, join her to spread the fear. Eventually, they all land up in Foxy Loxy’s den and are never seen again.

Here’s my take on the story, with due apologies to the original (not that it was any less gruesome)

Chicken Little was in the woods happily dancing,
When she caught Foxy Loxy’s leering fancy.
Chicken Little, on top of her voice, she shouted,
“Foxy Loxy is bad, he must be immediately routed.”

Chicken Little set off and met Henny Penny first,
“Foxy Loxy is bad!”, she emphatically cursed.
Henny Penny asked, “How do you know,
Why’re you creating an unnecessary row?”
Chicken Little, a little disheartened, “It happened to me,
Foxy Loxy had chicken breasts for dinner, it’s no heresy”
“It’s the short feathers you are wearing,” Henny Penny vented,
“We must tell everybody how you are painted and dented.”

They met Turkey Lurkey, sitting in the parliament, next.
“Foxy Loxy is bad!” Chicken Little said, fairly vexed.
Turkey Lurkey said, “Give us proof, no less
Recorded footage or other foxes as witness.”
Chicken Little, quite disheartened, “It happened to me,
Foxy Loxy shot a viral video for all to see”
Turkey Lurkey said, “this is what happens when chickens dance
It’s well known that after 8 PM, foxes need a bit of romance.”

They then met Ducky Lucky, as he gently strolled.
“Foxy Loxy is bad!” Chicken Little said, “and I am being trolled!”
Ducky Lucky, said “You must hate all fox kind,
You are making such things up in your sick mind.”
Chicken Little, very disheartened, “It happened to me,
Foxy Loxy’s friends tweeted the incident so merrily”
Ducky Lucky said, “It must be a stray case, let’s not pretend.
Hashtag notallfoxes must become a social media trend.”

They met Goosey Loosey, who was playing ball
“Foxy Loxy is bad,” Chicken Little said, her voice gone small
Goosey Loosey said, “Why were you out that late?
Chickening to work or were you on a date?”
Chicken Little, very disheartened, “It happened to me,
My friend, the rooster, he fought them off valiantly”
Goosey Loosey said, “You deserve to be mocked
For befriending strange cocks out of wedlock.”

“Let’s punish her”, said Henny Penny, “to teach others a lesson.”
“Let’s put her in her place”, said Turkey Lucky, cocking his gun
“How dare she”, said Ducky Lucky, “besmirch the innocent so!”
“She has no morals”, said Goosey Loosey, “she’s such a hoe!”

With that they asked the village to assemble
And with stones and pebbles they started to shell
Chicken Little, her silence so loud, her sorrow so deep
The sky fell on the crowd’s head, all in a big heap!

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