About Me

12191064_10153628109920926_9093745562891408631_n (1)Why this about me page: So that you know everything you need to know to make us instant friends

Gender: Female

Currently pootling in: Bangalore, India

Age: I look 32 (or so I believe). Creaky joints make me believe I am 95. Traces of silver put me closer to 40. Fair to say, I have full blown mid-life crisis, and the various people inhabiting me are at different life stages.

Interests: Reading (fiction), writing, cooking and baking, watching television, daydreaming about travel, travel, all varieties of crafts (especially if it involves buying and hoarding expensive craft supplies), on-line window shopping for useless kitchen gadgets, elevating lounging to an art form.

Kind of stuff I read: Fantasy fiction – the Terry Pratchett (he continues to be my personal shrink) and Neil Gaiman variety. I did think very highly of GRRM, before he went over the dark (HBO) side and became yet another listicle. I am partial to books that have people who like cooking and/or solving murders.

I cook and bake: Mostly vegetarian Indian food with an occasional foray into desserts from around the world. I am not the sort who cooks by artistic feel and adds dashes of this and sprinkles of that. *Stern voice* Recipes have been written to be followed.

I dig: Potatoes and all sorts of lists

Approach to fitness and health: Increasing age and a slowing metabolism are forcing me to think seriously about exercising. (Or not. There can never be too much love for the TV blanket.) I have been known to indulge in a light stroll and have an occasional go at the much postponed yoga class. I have a mild case of hypochondria, tempered only by a Sheldon-like-fear of waiting at the doctor’s and being infected by the million germs that freely float at clinics and hospitals.

Marital status: Married to a remarkably sensible and witty man, SG, who loves anything related to fitness, yoghurt, and cars. He can quickly oscillate to being a hangry two year old.

Family and friends: Many. All of them without exception, make me – in comparison – appear remarkably sane.

Employment: Complicated. You see, I used to have a regular corporate job which I was moderately successful at. But since I sucked at multi-tasking, and completely missed out on the (work-life) balancing gene, I retired a few months ago, into my ‘midlife crisis of bliss and beauty’. Am pootling around and investigating sources of income which can fund those items on the bucket list which need more than love and fresh air.

Why the bucket list? It is all good to make soulful and loud declarations about living life to the fullest. Cut to a few months into my so-called retirement, I found myself unable to get out of my sweats or off the couch. After years of the opiate called the to-do list, I only had energy for cereal straight-from-the-box. Since my obsession with lists and ticking off items on it has got me this far, I figured I needed to continue. I needed to make a long term list – the accomplishing of which brought me joy – one which does not act like an opium but results in creativity, spontaneity, new experiences and experiments.

Why the blog name? I became obsessed with the word ‘pootle’, courtesy Bill Bryson’s ‘Notes from a Small Island’. It perfectly describes my pace of leisurely movement and allows room for exploring the charming by-lanes in the journey of life. The ‘list’ not only covers my bucket items but also is a nod to my love for any drawing up lists. I invite you to wander through my blog as I pootle through my bucket and other lists. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Absolutely love this page and more over this precious humble but deep meaning word “Pootle”. Like what you said about “why bucket list”.. I think as you rightly said list shouldn’t be about simply doing/achieving it but it should be about how you can live it on an everyday basis (maybe turning them into sustainable pursuits such that it becomes a livable dream and not just a fanciful wish)


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